Attention Women:
Are you upset because your partner is looking at or paying too much attention to other women?

Attention Men:
Is your partner driving you crazy with constant accusations that you're looking at other women all the time (even if you're not)?

If either of these things are happening ...

Here's what you can you do right now to STOP it before it drives the two of you further apart and ruins your relationship or marriage...

Dear Friend,

If either of the situations we described above are happening in your relationship or marriage and you'd like to stop it...

We'd like to invite you to download the recording from a special one-time only online seminar, where we give you our breakthrough strategies and insights about what to do in this situation where he looking at other women and she's constantly accusing him of doing it. 

If you're a woman... you're going to learn what you can do to create a closer and more connected relationship when you think and feel like he's looking at or paying too much attention to other women.

If you're a man... you're going to learn the best ways to deal with your partner's constant accusations that you're paying too much attention to other women--and how to connect on a deeper level with her.  

With the information, you CAN begin to rebuild trust and get started building a better relationship or marriage.

To get started building more trust in your relationship or marriage, here's all you have to do...

Relationship Coaches
Susie & Otto Collins

"All you have to do is download the audio to your computer or Ipod and we'll give you our breakthrough strategies and insights about what to do in this situation where he's looking at other women and she's constantly accusing him of doing it."

As we've said many times before, in relationships and marriages today-- jealousy and trust (or lack of it) are at epidemic proportions.

Relationships are ending and marriages dying all because of jealousy and unresolved trust issues and it doesn't have to be this way.

Because of this, we feel like we've been called to do what we can to help you build more trust in your relationship or marriage so that you can experience the gifts of connecting more of the time.

At less than $20, we've made this recording affordable enough that the cost wouldn't stop you from getting the information if you are truly interested in building a closer and more connected relationship or marriage.

Here's what we are going to cover and what you will learn in this recording...

You'll learn:

Why men look at other attractive women (even when they're in a committed relationship)

What to do and how to "handle" it when it seems to you like he's paying too much attention to other women

How to know the difference between whether he's flirting or just being friendly

How to stop comparing yourself in unhealthy ways to other women

What to do if you are a man and you're just being friendly and not flirting--but are being accused of it

How to know if you need to confront your partner or your fears are unfounded--and it's your problem

How to stop being triggered when you see attractive women on TV and the movies

The best ways to react when he "really" looks at other women

When you're the target of jealousy--how to deal with a partner who is constantly accusing you of being unfaithful without any reason

How to stop the crazy thoughts that he finds other women more desirable than you

Specific steps you could follow to help build trust with your partner

How to stop looking for ways to mistrust (especially when your partner has done nothing to warrant your mistrust)

What you can do when your partner continues to look at porn on the internet, even though you've asked him to stop and he continues anyway

Some ways to know if your partner is cheating

And much more...

If these are the kinds of issues you're dealing with in your relationship or marriage and you want to solve them...

Here are the complete details about this audio and how you can get this information...

"What to do when your partner is looking at or paying too much attention to other women" is 90 minutes in length.

With this information, we're going to show you how important it is for you to give up the fear you've been carrying around about your relationship or marriage and help you start rebuilding trust and getting past the jealousy. 

This truly is relationship and life-changing information.

All you have to say is...

Count me in Susie and Otto! I want this recording so I too can discover what to do when there are other women around and he's looking at and paying too much attention to them. Also, send me free info about stopping jealousy and your love and relationships newsletter free of charge.


Order Now and Get These Two Bonuses...

We're giving you a free digital copy of our book  "Relationship Building Secrets" as well as our audios called "12 Proven Secrets" that you can download right now. These two bonuses alone are valued at nearly $60.

As an extra added bonus, you'll also receive free of charge our Love and Relationships newsletter.

Click here To Download the Audio "What To Do When He's Looking At And Paying Too Much Attention To Other Women" (90 Minutes) 


Relationship Coaches
Susie & Otto Collins


Click here To Download the Audio "What To Do When He's Looking At And Paying Too Much Attention To Other Women" (90 Minutes) 

Below are a few Rave Reviews and Success Stories About Susie and Otto and their other Books, Courses and Info

 "Great Seminar At An Affordable Price..."

"I participated in the seminar last night and the night before on relationship trust. I found this program to be well organized  and presented in a concise, clear format with step-by-step tangible tools that one could incorporate easily in one's everyday life.

"I appreciate not only the great information provided at an affordable price, but I respect both Susie and Otto's compassionate, caring and thoughtful responses to some of the seminar participant's questions. 

"It was also helpful to have both the male and female perspective. Thank you for providing a great learning format.”   

Margie Anton, Chugiak Alaska 


 "Discovered Many Ways to Keep Her Love Alive..."

"I have found your books to be both inspiring and educational.  I have learned important things about love and relationships that I never paid enough attention to in the past.  I have discovered many ways to keep my love alive and they have also opened me up to the idea of re-examining myself and my life and my expectations of love and my partner.

"Even though I do not know you both personally, I felt a deep connection to you.  I thank God for you both and I am thankful that you took the time to share your wisdom and experiences with me."

LOVE, Fiona.



 "Clear and practical Relationship Advice..."

"You two have really hit the nail on the head! I feel like you looked right into our relationship issues. Your insights and ideas are so clear and practical. I am excited to put them to use! Thank you!"

Susan, Florida



 "Very Valuable For Me In Transforming My Relationship..."

"I have found your book once again amazing and extremely useful. Your information and tools provided in your tape and books have been very valuable for me in transforming my relationship. Over the past few years I have read numerous relationship books to help me have a wonderful, passionate relationship. Nothing compares to your books. You are both our wonderful role models to look up to, and you really do light a hope for the rest of society.

"Please advise me whenever you write anymore books, articles, etc. Many thanks for all your help in changing our life in such a positive way.  Have a great day and keep up the fantastic work, as it’s needed in today’s society.”

Sue Afrasiabi, Australia



Click here To Download the Audio "What To Do When He's Looking At And Paying Too Much Attention To Other Women" (90 Minutes) 


 "Felt As If a Giant Weight Had Been Lifted..."

"I separated from my husband after he sustained a mild head injury and his behaviour and personality changed dramatically from the person I knew and loved. I suffered much heartache and loss--crying almost everyday for the last three years. That is until I started listening to your "How To Heal Your Broken Heart " programme. I started to recognize feelings and started taking responsibility for them.

"One night, I started to listen to your creative visualisation exercise and fell asleep with the headphones on. In the morning, I felt so much better as if a giant weight had been lifted. Obviously, my brain took the messages in even though I was sleeping.

"Your programme has turned out to be a life saver for me personally and I recommend it to others. Thank you for finding me in this big universe."

                                                          Lesley Sutton


"Most of the information is exactly what I would tell a friend but until now found it difficult when trying to apply it to my own life. I am tired of making excuses for myself and enjoyed hearing the same words I have said many times to others come directly at me in a non-threatening way.
Thanks again!"                                                         Juli  


"Very helpful, especially the part about how to stop thinking of that person." 
                                                              Benita Ray


"It was very, very illuminating, particularly your insights into how to be clear about not going back." 
                                                          Carlos Prieto


"I ordered the 'How To Heal Your Broken Heart ' Package a few weeks ago and can't give enough positive feedback about it. It has been helpful to me in many ways; it has helped me to learn volumes of information about to learn from the past, how to look at the situation compassionately and objectively, and how to re-create my life in the present.

"Before "How to heal your broken heart", I was caught in a cycle of endless questions that would only create more doubt, fear, and uncertainty about my choices. The book especially has showed me how to be more forgiving of myself and my ex, and how not to repeat similar mistakes in the future.

"I believe that I was lost in a sense, without a good paradigm for healing from the breakup, and that the book helped me to get back on track with my life. I believe that nowhere else could a person find so much valuable information in one place, in a user-friendly format, with such powerful suggestions and guidance for healing.

"I greatly appreciate the time and thought you have put into this book, it even surpassed the value of individual therapy sessions that I underwent after the breakup. I learned that to heal completely, I need to regain my relationship with myself and to set a strong foundation of insight, positive intentions and actions to drive my life forward again, and the book has helped immensely in this process. Thanks so much!"

                                                                   Courtney Biondi


Click here To Download the Audio "What To Do When He's Looking At And Paying Too Much Attention To Other Women" (90 Minutes) 


"I was moved by the clarity, honesty and compassion with which Susie and Otto presented the information on ways to heal from a break up or divorce. I had in fact just the day before begun the break up process with my boyfriend, and this was literally perfect timing! I took notes and I have referred to them regularly during this time of transition in my life. I enjoyed the seminar immensely and am grateful I had the opportunity to participate. Thank you Susie and Otto!"  
                                                                  Lucy Dickinson


"I thought the information on healing a broken heart was real helpful to me as it answered so many questions that I had in the back of my head about starting over, and healing."  
                                                                      AM K.


"I feel like I now have the tools I need to move forward in life.
Thank you sooo much!"



Click here To Download the Audio "What To Do When He's Looking At And Paying Too Much Attention To Other Women" (90 Minutes) 


 "Helpful and Insightful..."

“Susie and Otto, I can not begin to tell you how helpful and insightful your book has been in regards to my relationship with not only my spiritual partner, but with family and friends as well. Your book and your newsletters have been a reminder that there is absolutely nothing that exists outside of love that would serve me. Thank you for the opportunity to grow with you.”

                                         Jacque Keil



 "Practical Yet Spiritual Advice..."

“Your articles are soul-inspired and soul-stirring - keep them coming - they give practical yet spiritual advice.” 

Kim Ploughman, St. John’s, Newfoundland





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