How Real People Are Making Really Bad Jealousy Go Away For Good…

By Susie and Otto Collins

You may not know it yet, but there are 7 proven secrets that get rid of jealousy once and for all–without expensive therapy…

…and boy, do we wish we had known about these secrets to stopping jealousy when we first got together 16 years ago. If we had, we could avoided a whole lot of heartache.

Like a lot of couples, when we first got together, we made the mistake of thinking that just because we had fallen in love with each other, had our “soul mate experience” and felt this totally amazing connection with each other, everything would be all “peaches n’ cream” and the love we felt for each other would be enough to see us and our relationship through.

We wish this were the case—but reality set in and it wasn’t long after our relationship began that the old “green-eyed monster” (AKA Jealousy) reared its ugly head and our incredible love almost went down in flames.

Prior to getting together 16 years ago, we were both just coming out of long term marriages–

Susie was married to her first husband for 30 years and Otto was married to his ex-wife for 15 years.

Neither of us had ever had much of a problem with jealousy (although Susie had had a couple of “jealous episodes” in her previous relationship) until one night in the early days of our relationship when we found ourselves in the middle of a full-on jealousy meltdown.

It was like this firestorm of jealousy had just blown in all of a sudden without warning and left us wondering what just happened.

How We Kept a BIG Jealousy Meltdown From Destroying Our Relationship…

It’s crazy but…

One jealousy meltdown is sometimes all it takes to permanently scar an otherwise good relationship.

Here’s the story of our first jealousy meltdown in Susie’s own words…

[box] “At the time, Otto and I both worked away from our home and we didn’t see as much of each other as we would have liked. Our time together was so precious that I wanted him all to myself during the time we did have.

“This particular night, we went together to a spiritual study group meeting in our town and I’ll admit I was a little antsy because we had to do some grocery shopping afterwards to get items for a special dinner the following night for Otto’s parents–and I was tired from my daily commute and day’s work.

“I can give all the excuses in the world but nothing excuses the way I acted when after the meeting Otto engaged in a long conversation with another woman about the content of the meeting. Although Otto wasn’t coming on to her and he wasn’t doing anything wrong, I wanted his passionate light on me and not her.

“After standing aside for awhile, I told him in a very demanding voice that I wanted to go and we had grocery shopping to do. Ugh–then I stormed out to the car. Later I was very embarrassed by what happened but it actually caused us to consciously tackle a very important issue early on that could have ruined our relationship if we hadn’t been willing to deal with it and find ways to heal what came up for both of us.”[/box]
Otto’s reaction to this could have gotten really ugly—and for a while it did.

But, here’s what happened that made all the difference in the world in our relationship.

Otto explains:

[box] “My first thought after Susie did this was ‘How dare she talk to me and treat me like that—I didn’t do anything wrong.’ “And then just as quickly, I had the question roll through my mind ‘What do I want in this situation?’

“You see, I had been married for 15 years before and the pain of that breakup was still fresh in my mind and since my new goal was to keep this new incredible love fresh, exciting and last forever, I knew that thinking about Susie with contempt about her fears that had popped up was not going to help me create lasting love and keep our connection and love alive and strong.

“So, we decided that when we got home from work the next day, we were going to take some time and create a strategy for how we were going to be in situations like the one from the previous evening in the future. We decided that the best thing we could do would be to communicate with each other about what each of us wanted when we would go out to a party or an event where there were other people (and especially women) who were expected to be there.

“We talked about how we could let each other know when the other was ready to leave, how we could ‘connect’ with each other even in a crowded room full of people, and how I could let her know she was the most important woman in the world to me and the only one I wanted in moments like the one where she became jealous.

“Another important thing we talked about is how we could BOTH get what we wanted when we go out in social situations or when we would go out with friends and other women would be there. We talked about what would feel good to Susie and what would also make me feel like I had the freedom to still be me and of course, Susie would never want to shut down the essence of who I am.”[/box]


If You’re Jealous—Here’s The Likely Reason Why…

If you’re jealous, its usually because it’s so much easier to point the finger “out there” at your spouse, partner or lover and blame your jealousy on their behavior or the way they act as the problem when the way out of “jealousy jail” is to look at yourself and finally tell the truth about why you’re really jealous.

In almost every case, you’re jealous because somewhere along the way, you developed some beliefs like one or more of these…

  • Spouses cheat
  • Men (or women) can’t be trusted
  • All the beautiful women out there are sluts and will wreck your marriage if given half a chance
  • Your spouse. partner or lover wants to be with someone smarter, prettier, sexier or more something than you
  • And finally underneath all of this is a deep rooted belief that you don’t deserve love

In most cases, if you’re having issues with jealousy, you’ve also made some kind of decision about how you’re going to make sure you’re going to get the love you want.

You probably have a belief or thought inside your head that says something like…

“If I don’t stand guard and watch my partner’s every move and do everything I can to make sure they’re not cheating or doing things they shouldn’t be doing behind my back—then they’ll leave me and I’ll be alone, defenseless and heartbroken.”

Here’s what we’ve discovered about having a happy, healthy, lasting love relationship that’s free of jealousy…

If you want to have true love in your life and have your spouse, partner or lover want you—and we mean love you, want you, cherish you and desire you and only you—you’ve got to understand one thing…

You’ll NEVER have the love, closeness, intimacy and connection you want in your relationship or marriage as long as your jealousy is out of control and running the show.

The Devastating Drain Jealousy Causes In Relationships…

Jealousy can and does cause BIG problems in relationships.Man trying to comfort his grumpy wife

In fact, we set out to find out just what kinds of problems jealousy causes.

We surveyed hundreds of our current and former jealousy coaching clients and here are some of the most common problems people like you have told us that jealousy has caused for them in their relationship and life.

If jealousy is a problem for you, read the descriptions below and ask yourself—”Have I ever said, done, acted or felt the way these people have?”

Here’s what they told us…

  • “I have ruined and pushed away several relationships that could have lasted and been meaningful.”
  • “I have just pushed away someone very important to me and I need to get a hold of this [jealousy].
  • “I have ruined wonderful friendships and isolated myself from family members who I am jealous of.”
  • “I’m extremely jealous of her. I want to stop but can’t seem to and it is causing me to be emotional and is ruining my marriage…”
  • “I need to know how to stop a sudden strong feeling of jealousy that comes out of nowhere. I want to feel comfortable if my boyfriend talks to a very attractive woman”
  • “I struggle to control my emotions and thoughts when situations present themselves. I would like to be able to have that security and control those feelings and thoughts no matter the perceived threat.”

Other men and women told us…

  • “I have a problem with jealousy. I’ve lost relationships over this. I do not wish to stay this way or live like this. I don’t know how to turn it off when it gets turned on or how to control it.”
  • “I need to stop feeling jealous when my husband looks at other women or when he talks to one…”
  • “My jealousy has gotten so bad I’m going to start avoiding going out or situations that would trigger me to be jealous and ruin a fun evening.”

Another woman said…

  • “I am struggling with jealousy with my new husband (old boyfriend) as I age. I am around so many young successful and hard body woman constantly. My husband has been with a ton of these woman since we dated 20 years ago. I will try anything to get some peace ugh…”

Others said…

  • “I have always had a severe problem with this and it has affected all of my relationships. I’ve been through 2 marriages and am with the same man now for 13 years, but not married. It’s a miracle he has not left me by now for all I’ve put him through.”
  • “My biggest problem is wondering if he’s having an affair, which I know he is not. If he’s working late I wonder, if he’s on his phone I’m wondering if he’s emailing someone.”
  • “I’ve done some crazy stuff due to this jealousy problem…”
  • “I feel like I am always trying to prove my gut instincts right. It makes me feel unloved when I get this way. Yet I have never had any reason to prove my partner is doing anything wrong.”
  • “For as long as I can remember, I have always been jealous of my partner’s ex-girlfriends or female friends. For some reason, which I have never been able to articulate, those relationships (and past relationships) have always been threatening to me. I have messed up good relationships because of my partner’s past relationships. I would do anything within my power to try to change this.”

As you looked over this list and If you said yes and can relate to the kinds of things these men and women have said they’ve said, done and felt because of your jealousy—then you’re going to want to get our brand new book and audio program called…“7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets.”


The “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets” Program

From Susie and Otto Collins

This is a breakthrough new book and audio program you can download right now that will help you stop your jealousy, help you to instantly calm yourself in any situation.

If you suffer from jealousy in any way, this program will help you take the first step to create true lasting love.

This is a breakthrough new book and audio program you can download right now that will help you stop your jealousy, help you to instantly calm yourself in any situation and help you take the first step to create true lasting love.

In this program, you’ll get the “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets” ebook and our brand new “instant calm” audio.


In this program, you’ll get:


The “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets” instantly downloadable ebook 

  • Gives you the 7 secrets to getting rid of your jealousy once and for all…

  • Shows you how to take the first, most important steps to rebuilding the trust and connection between you and your spouse, partner or  lover… 

  • Shows you the steps to take to go from where you are now in your relationship to creating the genuine, true, lasting love you really want


 Plus Our Brand New…


Instant Calm Audio


If you’re jealous, there’s nothing more important than knowing how to calm yourself when something triggers your jealousy.

With what we share with you in this instantly downloadable audio, you wont “flip out” any more and damage your relationship further when your jealousy erupts because you’ll be able to make yourself totally calm and relaxed anytime you need to.


 In this program, here are just a few things you’ll discover…

  • The #1 thing you MUST do to stop your jealousy-this is simple but most people never do it
  • You’ll learn whether your jealousy is warranted or not
  • If you can (or should) trust him or her again after an affair
  • How to tell whether your partner is doing something that’s inappropriate or if it’s just your jealousy talking
  • How to get rid of that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that keeps telling you something is going on with your spouse or partner when it may not be
  • What to do about your jealousy when trust has been violated
  • The top signs to watch out for that cheating may be going on
  • How to get to the truth when you think he or she may be having an affair
  • How to trust again after an affair or infidelity
  • How to deal with your insecurities, doubts and fears about your partner and your relationship
  • How to deal with your partner’s inappropriate flirting
  • How to handle overwhelming jealous feelings when he or she is with other people and NOT with you
  • How to deal with your suspicions and anger—especially when you have no right to be
  • How to keep yourself and your thinking about what may have happened in the past or what could happen in the future from destroying your relationship or marriage
  • How to keep past jealousy meltdowns and episodes that happened in the past—in the past
  • How to truly “let go” when you may have been hurt in the past
  • How to make (and enforce) agreements and loving boundaries with your spouse or partner
  • How to keep yourself from reacting negatively or from your fears when jealousy comes up
  • How to keep from making the same mistakes over and over again in your relationship or marriage that you’ve made time and time again
  • How to shift your jealous thoughts from being fearful to being calm—quickly
  • How to stop the comparison game that sets you up for a lifetime of misery


  • Dozens of amazing Tools, questions and affirmations for stopping your jealousy—quickly and easily


How To Tell If This “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets” Program Is For You…

The simplest way to tell if this program is for you is to ask yourself the question—“Am I jealous?”

If the answer is no— and if you’re being completely honest with yourself then you should stop wasting your time by reading this information and go on about your day and find something more important, productive or fun to do.


If the answer to the question about whether you’re jealous or not is a “yes” or even a “maybe” then you should download this program immediately and start going through it.

Here’s why…

Life is too short to constantly live in fear of what your spouse, partner or lover may or may not be doing all the time.

You deserve love and to be free from jealousy and if you are someone who’s jealous—you can know that as long as you’re living with jealousy you’ll never have the love, intimacy and connection with your spouse, partner or lover that you want.

In fact, we’ll go even further, if you don’t do what it takes to stop your jealousy—even if your partner leaves you because of it—you’ll carry your jealousy into ALL your future relationships (and have the same kinds of problems and challenges you’ve had in this one.)


What Makes This 7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets Program Different…

One of the biggest things that make this program different is that fact that it was created by us, two people who are the world’s leading experts in overcoming jealousy.

Not only are we experts in overcoming jealousy but we’re two of the only relationship experts who specialize in helping people like you stop your jealousy and save your relationship.

These 7 secrets will give you the tools to let go of your jealousy and help you create true lasting love because they come from our work with over 40,000 people who’ve sought out our help for their jealousy over the past 10 years or so.

These 7 secrets aren’t based on theory or someone’s best guess as to what will help you—these 7 secrets form the foundation of what works in the real world to stop jealousy and calm fears.

As we look back on our coaching clients, seminar participants and people like you who were jealous and didn’t want to be any more— these 7 secrets are the difference between the people who are able to stop their jealousy and the people who don’t.

If you will only apply the magic of these 7 secrets in your own relationship and life—you too can stop your jealousy *IF* you are committed to stopping it.

Your Step-by-Step Road Map to Stopping Jealousy…

If you are committed to overcoming jealousy and learning how to create the love you want in your life—these 7 secrets we’re going to share with you in this program WILL work for you.

If you’re NOT committed and want to hold onto your jealousy—NOTHING will help you.

All you have to do is commit yourself to letting go of your jealous thoughts, behaviors and actions and these 7 secrets and everything else you’ll learn in our program will show you the way.

Don’t be a victim and let jealousy destroy your love.

If you let something like jealousy ruin a good relationship that could be the best thing that ever happened to you, you may never forgive yourself.

We’ve made this program incredibly affordable—in fact so affordable that if you’re committed to stopping your jealousy, the small amount of money we’re charging for this program won’t be a barrier to you getting started stopping your jealousy.

“Try the 7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets Program Risk-Free…”

The 7 jealousy secrets book and audio program is priced at only $47.00

You can order it right now, download the book and audio program and start learning how to apply the 7 jealousy stopping secrets in your life within the next 5 minutes.



60 Day 100% No-Risk Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.Guarantee Badge

If for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 60 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

One of the reasons we offer such a powerful guarantee is–almost no one returns the program. It works.



We wish you much love,

Susie and Otto

P.S. “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets” is not available in stores anywhere. It’s only available here.

Don’t put it off. Order now and you’ll be taking that all-important first step toward stopping jealousy from ruining your relationship and life.





Customer Feedback

[box] “I strongly recommend your work…”

“I found your work to be most helpful, and to the point without a lot of psycho-babble. Jealousy is a big issue in my life and on that I’ve changed thanks to your work in this area. I’d strongly recommend your work in all areas to anyone needing or feeling that they can benefit by attentive, personal advice from caring individuals such as the two of you.” Bob from Wisconsin [/box]


[box] “Life lessons on how to deal with your feelings and get out of negative patterns…”  

Jealousy not only effected my relationship it consumed my entire life. I would make my partner crazy from my incisive nagging and I made myself crazy from the constant ideas that I wasn’t good enough. I felt like my partner was gong to leave me one day because it happened before. I was desperate and willing to try anything to make the constant wondering go away in my head…I feel that this just wasn’t a book and audios, it was life lessons on how to deal with your feelings, and get out of negative patterns or stories that we tell ourselves. Thank you Susie and Otto for well needed tools to deal with feelings and inadequacies.” Courtney[/box]


[box]“You are saving lives…”

“Everything your books says is right on the money! I am filled with tears and gratitude to you for putting this healing information out there for those us who can’t afford a counselor but want to be free! I thank God for you! Don’t ever stop what your doing! You are saving lives and relationships! I’ve also bought some of your other books about building and enriching relationships and for building a stronger me, which I’m excited to read as well! Thank you thank you thank you!!”[/box]


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