Imagine how it would feel to break free from the grip of jealousy to the peace you want?

Hi-- it’s Susie and Otto Collins, jealousy experts who want to help you stop this embarrassing, relationship killing issue.

So, the question is…

If you're jealous, how bad is it?

If you want to know how bad your jealousy truly is, here are a few questions to answer that will give you a good idea…

Have you ever lost a relationship because of your jealousy?

Have friends, family members or co-workers talked about your jealousy (even jokingly) and you’ve denied it being a problem?

Have you ever caused a fight or argument because you accused your spouse or partner of being with someone or having an affair when there’s no evidence to support your accusations?

Have you ever caused a spouse or partner to pull back, withdraw or not want to be with you because of things you’ve said or done while having jealous thoughts?

The tragedy for most people who are jealous is that they try to minimize the impact that jealousy is causing in their relationship or marriage and life—when it’s destroying everything around you that matters.

Jealousy Kills Relationships and
That’s Not The Worst Part…

The worst part about jealousy is that…

Most people afflicted with jealousy can’t see that when they’re doing things like checking their spouse or partner’s cell phone to see who they’ve been talking to or texting with or things like driving by  where they live or work to check up on them that these kinds of behaviors are a habitual way of thinking.

In the case of out of control jealousy, not only will it destroy your relationship or marriage (usually much sooner than you might think)—but it will also destroy your future relationships as well.

If you think (when you’re doing these kinds of things) that you’re doing something that that will soothe you, calm you and give you some relief from the get-wrenching fear and anxiety that you’re feeling about what your think your spouse or partner may be up to—then we have to tell you with total love and respect…

You’re wrong.

These kinds of behaviors only tend to agitate you and only continue to create an even bigger firestorm of fear and anxiety within you that your love is about to be taken away.

Most people who are consumed by jealousy think that by driving by where your spouse or partner lives, driving past where they work to see if their car is there or by calling them over and over for no reason at all to make sure they’re doing what you thought they were supposed to be doing will make you feel better.

But after working with hundreds of clients who are jealous—we can tell you that doing these kinds of things only makes things worse.

For The Sake Of Love and All The People You Love That Your Jealousy Is Hurting…

Are you starting to see that your problems with jealousy are much bigger than you thought?

Are you starting to realize that you could use some help in overcoming your jealousy and …

Are you starting to see that you may not be able to get rid of your jealousy on your own?

After all—if you knew how to stop your jealousy, you would have already done it by now--wouldn’t you?

This is why it’s so important to reach out to experts who can help you  stop your jealousy now…

 How can Jealousy Coaching help?

We’re the world’s leading experts on overcoming jealousy and we’re trained to help get rid of jealousy once and for all.

In our work together, we help you see exactly what your jealousy issues and challenges really are (HINT: They’re usually caused by something different than you think they are) and then we spend most of our time giving you specific, actionable ideas, strategies and techniques for overcoming your jealousy before you destroy your relationship.  We also help you to move beyond your jealousy and start creating the love and relationship you really want –one that’s full of love and connection and FREE from jealousy and help you start creating the love you want.

What Happens in a Jealousy Coaching session?

Coaching sessions are usually 60 minutes in length and can be done in person, by telephone or Zoom, with you calling us at your scheduled time if by phone or us supplying you with a Zoom link before our time together.

All sessions are confidential and can be recorded for your use only. We may also correspond by email between sessions.

During a typical session, we use personal stories, focused questions, and other various interactive ways of helping you to break through your “stuck” places that keep jealousy going in your relationship and life..

We are here to support you in your process and help you to achieve your goal of breaking free from jealousy and creating a relationship that's healthy and filled with love.


Why Work with One of Us as Your Jealousy-Stopping Coach?

If you’re thinking of getting the help of a relationship coach, there are two questions you must ask…

*What are your qualifications? and

*Do you have a great relationship yourself?

These questions are important to have answered because you want to work with someone who not only has coaching skills but also knows how to apply them in real life.

You’ll like working with us because since 1999 we’ve been writing, teaching and sharing our insights and strategies on how to have close, connected happy relationships with people like you–and we “walk our talk” in our own relationship.

We’re two of the world’s leading experts in overcoming jealousy.

We’ve been teaching about relationships since 1999 and have written over a dozen books on relationships.

Our “No More Jealousy” program has been helping men and women like you overcome their jealousy for years.

Most relationship coaches and therapists focus on general relationship issues and can certainly be helpful in certain situations.

But if you’re dealing with jealousy, you want to work with an expert who specializes in stopping jealousy.

And… the fact is, we’re a couple of a select few relationship coaches who specializes on helping clients stop jealousy and are two of the world’s leading experts on overcoming jealousy..

Our belief is that love, passion and intimacy doesn’t have to die–ever.

Jealousy is one of those things that rears it’s ugly head and blocks the flow of love between you and your spouse or partner.

Isn’t it time you get the help you need to get rid of it once and for all?

What are our Jealousy Coaching rates?

When you decide to work with one of us for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, we'll talk about a rate that we can agree on and schedule your first session.

Contact us: by email or call (614) 568-8282  9am-9pm Eastern Time.

It would be our privilege to work with and support you in creating what you want in your life.

If you'd like to find out more and explore whether working together would support you, contact us and we'll schedule what we call a coaching conversation at no charge to you.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.

Our best to you,

Susie and Otto

Certified Comprehensive Coach, Comprehensive Coaching U

Click Here for coaching terms of service

Here’s what our coaching clients say about our coaching…

“I had a breakthrough coaching session with Susie last week and I have to say, it was the most productive hour I have ever had in talking about issues with any of my relationships.  I had an affair, got divorced, and had four different therapists through that process.  Susie taught me more in one hour than all of those sessions put together!  She is wise, compassionate and fun to talk to.  I now consider her a very smart friend.  I had another session today…and feel like I have new tools to put into practice this week.  Thank you, Susie."

“Your coaching has helped in several ways although I still need to work at continuing to improve myself. I have learned to phrase comments so I don’t create distance between me and my wife while at the same time making us closer. I have learned ways of opening her up when in conversation. We also have openly discussed topics now that we’ve never mentioned to each other in over 11 years of being together. In reviewing our situation now compared to where we were two months ago, we are in a much better position although all wounds take time to heal. My goal is to continue down the path I’ve been heading towards since I started visiting with you. I’ve seen improvements in so many ways both in the way I interact with my wife and other relationships.” M

“I’m so glad I found you! Every time I talked to you, I felt stronger. I’ve read books but you helped me get beyond the bump I’ve had in my relationship. I learned that when I’m upset and crying to stop and notice what’s happening in my body. With that information and with practice, now I can instantly calm down. Thank you! Kathleen”

“Since my first session with Susie my life has changed tremendously. I now know who I am and that I deserve to be happy. I have had sessions with others that can’t come close to the warmth and thoughtfulness I have experienced with Susie. I consider Susie to be my life coach as well as my marriage coach. She’s like a sister, mom or best friend with a twist of unconventional wisdom. Thank you Susie, Love, Patricia”

“I have appreciated you both being there, very much. You have taken the time to listen and to ask me the right questions to ask myself. Your suggestions are wonderful and have given me the courage to take things a step further and to do so in a way that naturally moves the relationship forward. It is good having both the male and female perspective because I get slightly different views and possible approaches to consider for a particular situation or scenario. You have been very good also about scheduling appointments without a lot of waiting at times when I have something important on my mind. Thank you both for the work that you do.” J

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