collinsHi, it’s Susie and Otto here.

What if you could stop jealousy right now in your life and create the relationship you’ve always wanted?

You can and we want to help–but first you might be wondering who we are so we want to introduce ourselves…

We are married soul mates, spiritual and life partners and the creators of Passionate Heart–where we help people create passionate, loving, connected relationships that last. We are passionate about making this world a more loving place by teaching people how to love themselves and each other.

As trained Jealousy coaches, we’ve been called one of the world’s leading experts in helping you stop jealousy. We’ve helped thousands of men and women create the relationships they’ve always want, jealousy-free, through our Breakthrough coaching, our e-book, our programs and newsletters.

But our greatest credential, however, is our personal story of how we stopped jealousy in our own relationship and keep the passion, desire, and connection alive after all these years.

After our first marriages both ended, we met at a local spiritual study group and had the proverbial “soul mate” experience with time standing still and a feeling of coming home. We’ve been together ever since and quickly found that even though we were “soul mates,” we could lose our close connection if we didn’t learn some relationship and communication skills that we didn’t have in our previous marriages.

Jealousy could have destroyed our beautiful, new relationship…

In fact, it was early on in our relationship when jealousy hit us big time and could have destroyed our wonderful and very new relationship, despite our beautiful soul mate experience.

Not too many months after getting together, while still feeling the bliss of being together, jealousy reared its ugly head—this time from what seemed like out of nowhere.

Here’s what happened…

We’ve always been interested in personal and spiritual growth and in fact this is one of the things that we consider to be the glue that holds us together.

We’re always interested in exploring the depths of ourselves and our human and spiritual nature to see how we can become the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be.

Because of this, we attended a few personal and spiritual study groups near where we lived at the time. At these meetings, we (and other like minded folks) would study all kinds of topics related to personal and spiritual matters.

Susie remembers being at a one of these study group meetings with Otto one night and seeing him engaged in a deep conversation with another woman and instantly getting triggered .

Susie was instantly angry, upset and downright mean and said some things right in front of the woman Otto was talking to that most people would be embarrassed about but in that moment it didn’t matter.

Susie was triggered big time and she let it show.

She realized later that she was upset because this OTHER WOMAN had Otto’s full attention and was having the conversation that Susie wanted to be having with him. SUSIE wanted his full attention.

She also realized later (after the embarrassing meltdown) that something else that triggered her was the fact that she and Otto had been apart all day, had been to this meeting that night and Susie just missed him.

In that moment when jealousy reared its ugly head, Susie remembers being SO angry with Otto (even though he wasn’t doing anything wrong) because of the frustration and the fear that came up at that moment when she didn’t feel important to him anymore.

After that painful situation, we knew something had to change.

We realized that as much in love as we were, if we didn’t solve our jealousy problem, it would destroy this otherwise beautiful relationship.

After that, we made the decision that our relationship was more important to us than anything and that we were going to learn and practice everything we could to stop jealousy and create the closeness we wanted.

It wasn’t long before we stopped jealousy in our relationship and felt connected and happy again–and you can too.

We experimented and tried various techniques that helped us heal jealousy and as the years have gone by, we’ve learned other effective tools to help others stop it as well.

Along with Breakthrough coaching, specializing in stopping jealousy, we are co-authors of “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets,” “No More Jealousy,” “Magic Relationship Words,” “Stop Talking on Eggshells,” “Should you stay or should you go?” “Relationship Trust Turnaround,” among many other relationship books and programs.

We will show you, step-by-step in detail, how the things you do and don’t do make all the difference in whether you have the love you want or are stuck in jealousy and fear.

Please know that we walk our talk and we want to be there for you.

Sign up for our free ebook “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets” here…

We know that if we could learn to conquer jealousy and create deeper intimacy, you can, too.

And so much faster than we did, because now you have us to help you, every step of the way.

We look forward to hearing about every step you take and every success (We know you will be successful!)


Susie and Otto

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