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fearHow to Reconnect After a Jealous Meltdown

When you have a tendency to get jealous, sometimes those fears and uncomfortable feelings build up inside. You might be trying not to be jealous– or attempting to hide your emotions– and so they pile up within.

Pretty soon, something happens and all of those jealous feelings you have tried to push down or even deny come erupting out.

You have a jealous meltdown.

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Jealousy Survival Tips: I’m Jealous and I Don’t Know Why!”

Have you ever been jealous and you can’t understand why you feel the way you do? Your partner proves him or herself to you as honest, faithful and trustworthy time and time again. But you still find yourself getting jealous frequently and, often, at surprising moments.

A situation like this can make you feel helpless and at the whim of your own emotions– that don’t always make sense even to you. There are steps you can take to better understand where the jealousy is coming from and then to find relief and eventual release from it.

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Aggressive womanAn In-the-Moment strategy to Stop Your Jealous Thoughts

Kris’ husband Paul is late coming home from work again and, as usual, he hasn’t called. It seems to Kris that this pattern has been happening with more and more frequency lately. She can’t seem to stop her mind about it. Worrisome, jealous thoughts about where Paul is, what he is doing and with whom he is doing it with crowd her head. She feels fearful that he has been having an affair and is lying to her when he finally arrives home and claims that his boss kept him late yet again.

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A man and a womanIs it Time to Take Action About Your Jealous Suspicions?

If you’ve ever felt the persistent gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach that often accompanies suspicion and jealousy, you probably know that it’s difficult to ignore. You can try to pretend that everything is okay within you and in your relationship, but it’s difficult if not impossible to do. As those fears and questions spin in your mind, you might wonder if you are accurately sensing that something is awry in your relationship or if, instead, you are merely being jealous. Find out if your jealousy is warranted or not…

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