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Angry African American CoupleHow to Talk to Your Partner About Your Jealous Feelings, Facebook and Other Triggers

What triggers your jealousy? Is it the way your partner seems to look at or talk with others? Is it your worrying mind that creates stories about what’s going on when you and your love are away from one another? Or is it an over-riding expectation that something, like infidelity, will tear you and your mate apart?

Whatever it is, chances are that you’re having a tough time talking to your partner about it and here’s some advice on how to start… >>Read More

fearHow to Reconnect After a Jealous Meltdown

When you have a tendency to get jealous, sometimes those fears and uncomfortable feelings build up inside. You might be trying not to be jealous– or attempting to hide your emotions– and so they pile up within.

Pretty soon, something happens and all of those jealous feelings you have tried to push down or even deny come erupting out. You have a jealous meltdown and….  >>Read More

Girl hiding behind a deskWhat Causes Jealousy? Find out the causes of jealousy and what you can do about it

Jealousy can come out in many different ways. You might feel anxious and worried when your boyfriend doesn’t call when he’s supposed to call. Does this mean that he’s started dating someone else? Your stomach knots up and you break out in a cold sweat. Find out what causes your jealousy here…
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