Find Your Roar to Overcome Jealousy

  • Worries that won’t stop.
  • Questions that never end and are never satisfied.
  • Anxiety that you’re being deceived or will be left.
  • Frustration that you can’t trust anyone.
  • Certainty that you’ll be let down and disappointed, again.
  • Mistrust in your own judgment and perspective.

This (and more) is what jealousy does to you.

It takes away your peace of mind and attacks in stressful situations and even when you’re having a close and ¬†loving moment with your partner. Jealousy appears to be way beyond your control and leaves you feeling helpless and weak.

None of this is good for your relationship or for your own well-being and, thankfully, there’s something can do about it.

To overcome jealousy once and for all, you’ve got to find your courage. You’ve got to stop seeing other women, other men, your partner, your own mind or anything else as “the enemy.” You’ve also got to stop seeing jealousy as something you have no power to change.

This is a lie so stop repeating it to yourself again and again!

Stopping jealousy may be a process that takes some time– after all, you’re re-learning new habits and new ways of communicating, thinking and interacting with the one you love. It all starts when you interrupt your usual jealous reactions and you dig deep within and find your inner power and determination to really do this. Because you CAN do this!

It starts when you look your jealousy full in the face and ROAR just like this…


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