Have You Ever Felt as Jealous & Confused as THIS?

The line between what’s real and what’s imagined can become confusing, fuzzy and impossible to distinguish. This video by The Killers of their popular song,  “Mr. Brightside,” shows how difficult it can be to tell whether jealousy is causing you to see things that aren’t true OR  if you really should speak up because your partner is flirting, breaking agreements or maybe even having an affair.

When jealousy confusion is taking over, use these 5 questions to get clear…

#1: What are your relationship agreements?

#2: Where is your focus (on memories of the past,  fears about the future or on the present)?

#3: What was literally said?

#4: What are the specific and actual things that happened (or are happening now)?

#5: What conscious choice will help you have the relationship and life you want?


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