Looking for Happiness? Widen Your View Beyond Jealousy

joyHas jealousy been blocking your joy and making your life seem nothing else but miserable?

If so, this beautiful Marianne Williamson quote may bring a scowl instead of a smile to your face. Worse yet, you might feel guilty or weak for letting jealousy take over and ruin the good things that were trying to develop in your relationship (or a potential relationship) but no longer appear to be there.

We’re here to remind you that loving, good and joyful experiences ARE possible for you– and not just in the distant future either!


You won’t be able to see and feel them, though, as long as jealousy is in the way.

Practice widening your view of yourself, your partner, your relationship and your life. Teach yourself to take a second look at a situation and to view it with a bigger scope than usual.

Think about your camera. With just a touch of a button, you can zoom in or zoom out. What you see through the lens of the camera depends on which button you push and how many times you push it. You can focus in on just the wilted or broken petal of a flower or you can zoom out to see the entire flower in its beauty. You can zoom out even further to see that flower growing in a bed of flowers.

The lesson here is that YOU get to choose your zoom and how narrow or wide your view will be. For now, you still have jealous thoughts, fears, suspicions and worries, but if you look at your relationship and life with a wider view, you’ll see much, much more. You’ll see and feel what’s working, what’s pleasing and there you will find connection and joy.

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