What’s the Hidden Reason Why You Get So Jealous? 

masqureadeThere’s no question that you’re jealous. You can’t mistake the anxiety, nervousness, worries and doubts that you’re all too familiar with– they are jealousy rearing up and robbing you of peace and happiness.

What’s less clear is the reason why.

You may think you are feeling jealous because…

Your boyfriend hasn’t returned your text from this morning. Or your wife is having lunch with a co-worker who also happens to be a weight lifter. Or a completely different reason.

But, what if there’s more to it than that?

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The Year-End Review: Technique to Help You Leave Jealousy Behind

calendarWouldn’t it be amazing to wake up on January 1, 2014 (or maybe even tomorrow) and to no longer feel jealous?

How would it be to make it through an evening out with your partner and never feel the twinge of fear that he’s scoping the place for someone more attractive than you?

she’s lying to you and possibly cheating too?

Does this sounds like a crazy fantasy or the plot of an outrageous film?

Well, listen up because it’s not as outlandish or impossible as it may seem. You are closer to overcoming the worries, fears, suspicions, mistrust and misery than you think.

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Jealousy Survival Tips When You’re Dating a Player

couple on motorcycleIf you had the chance, would you go out with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Surprisingly, plenty of people would turn down a date with DiCaprio mostly because of his reputation as a player. Many don’t want to set themselves up for jealousy and possible heartbreak.

Leo isn’t the only (male or female) celebrity known for having a string of relationships and dating around a LOT. Peruse the covers of tabloid magazines and you’ll quickly make a long long list. Hollywood seems full of players– people who appear to run through romantic/sexual partners faster than any of us can count.

But seriously…

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What Causes Jealousy? Find out the causes of jealousy and what you can do about it

Girl hiding behind a desk

By Susie and Otto Collins

Jealousy can come out in many different ways.

You might feel anxious and worried when your boyfriend doesn’t call when he’s supposed to call. Does this mean that he’s started dating someone else?

Your stomach knots up and you break out in a cold sweat.

You may get protective and even controlling when you and your girlfriend are out together. You can’t stand it when it seems like other men are looking at or talking with her.

Your fists clench and you use your body to “guard” her.

Or, jealousy might show up when you look in the mirror and wonder why your partner is with someone who looks like you (think you) do.

It could be the tone of voice you use when you ask your mate a question. And, it could also be how driven you are to check your partner’s cell phone and e-mail messages just to make sure there’s nothing suspicious going on.

When you have a jealous habit, it can be crippling to both you and your relationship.

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