6 Surprising Ways to Stop Jealousy

birthdaycandlesThere’s one thing we want you to realize about your jealousy and we ask you to really let this soak  in:

You are NOT your jealousy. 

Jealousy is a mix of uncomfortable and painful thoughts and emotions. It can feel like a character flaw or a shameful aspect of who you are…but it’s not. It’s not you. YOU are more than your jealousy.

The more you believe that you are more than your jealousy– and open up to genuinely believing it– the easier it is to take back control so that you can stop letting it ruin your peace of mind and your relationship too.

How would it be to remember your own value, worth and power to make conscious choices no matter what’s going on? Regardless of what your partner (or anyone else) says or does and beyond whatever happened in your past, you CAN decide how you will respond and you can CAN prevent jealousy from taking over.

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Your Jealousy Can Be Vanquished!

dragonWe recently received this email from a person who has been using our No More Jealousy program to help with jealousy and anger and he gave permission for us to share it with you…

May I say that you have saved my relationship. I used to make false accusations, be jealous and get angry, though I would not know why, but listening to everything you two have said in your audio courses, I finally understand jealousy and why I am reacting like this. I have not finished reading the book or the audio courses, but my relationship is already improving.

Thank you so much. I am so grateful to you two, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know how to control my emotions. And our relationship would’ve definitely ended, which would be terrible since we love each other so much.

I didn’t even know jealousy could be controlled. I thought it would always be inside of me…
Thanks again, you’re the best!”

While we’re glad that this man has found the strategies, techniques and lessons included in our No More Jealousy program to be essential to him overcoming jealousy, we’re excited for another reason…

We’re absolutely thrilled to hear from someone who found the courage to face down the out of control emotions and unhealthy communication habits that were putting his relationship in danger. We applaud this person for reaching inside himself and finding the strength and persistence to do what was uncomfortable and maybe even felt impossible at times…

He looked his jealousy square in the face and he vanquished it. And so can you.

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