Women Want To Know…Is He Just Being Friendly or Is He a Flirt?

angrycoupleWe recently heard from a woman who is in serious turmoil! We’ll refer to this woman as Renee. Every time Renee and her boyfriend go out together and are around other people– especially other women– she ends up feeling sick to her stomach. This isn’t because of something she’s eating, it’s because Renee is sure her partner is a big-time flirt AND that his flirting will ruin their relationship!

Renee shared with us how tense and upset she feels watching her boyfriend talk to, hug and touch other women. She doesn’t want to come off as insecure or uncool, but it’s really bothering her. In the past, she tried to talk with him about his flirting and he told her to stop being so suspicious. He claimed to just be a “friendly guy” who is “naturally social.”

Renee’s boyfriend even accused her of being jealous and controlling.

Now, when the two of them go to a party together or out dancing (which she used to love to do), Renee is miserable. She bites back her worries and tries to pretend everything is okay…but it’s far from it.

Are you also in a relationship with a flirt?

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What’s the Hidden Reason Why You Get So Jealous? 

masqureadeThere’s no question that you’re jealous. You can’t mistake the anxiety, nervousness, worries and doubts that you’re all too familiar with– they are jealousy rearing up and robbing you of peace and happiness.

What’s less clear is the reason why.

You may think you are feeling jealous because…

Your boyfriend hasn’t returned your text from this morning. Or your wife is having lunch with a co-worker who also happens to be a weight lifter. Or a completely different reason.

But, what if there’s more to it than that?

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Ready for a Confidence Boost?

mirrorIt is nearly impossible for jealousy to persist when you feel confident and sure of yourself.

When you really know your worth, you don’t walk around in constant fear that your partner will leave you for someone else. When your self-esteem is healthy, you don’t waste time and energy comparing yourself to others.When you feel confident in who you are, you can focus on what’s really important to you: Your interests, passions and goals for the future. You’re more present in your relationship and that promotes connection and closeness too.

Unfortunately, the worries, fears and anxiety that jealousy brings with it, not only feed on low self-esteem, they add to it exponentially!

Here are 3 steps toward boosting your confidence when jealousy brings you down…

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Have You Ever Felt as Jealous & Confused as THIS?

The line between what’s real and what’s imagined can become confusing, fuzzy and impossible to distinguish. This video by The Killers of their popular song,  “Mr. Brightside,” shows how difficult it can be to tell whether jealousy is causing you to see things that aren’t true OR  if you really should speak up because your partner is flirting, breaking agreements or maybe even having an affair.

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Jealousy Survival Tips When You’re Dating a Player

couple on motorcycleIf you had the chance, would you go out with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Surprisingly, plenty of people would turn down a date with DiCaprio mostly because of his reputation as a player. Many don’t want to set themselves up for jealousy and possible heartbreak.

Leo isn’t the only (male or female) celebrity known for having a string of relationships and dating around a LOT. Peruse the covers of tabloid magazines and you’ll quickly make a long long list. Hollywood seems full of players– people who appear to run through romantic/sexual partners faster than any of us can count.

But seriously…

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