6 Surprising Ways to Stop Jealousy

birthdaycandlesThere’s one thing we want you to realize about your jealousy and we ask you to really let this soak  in:

You are NOT your jealousy. 

Jealousy is a mix of uncomfortable and painful thoughts and emotions. It can feel like a character flaw or a shameful aspect of who you are…but it’s not. It’s not you. YOU are more than your jealousy.

The more you believe that you are more than your jealousy– and open up to genuinely believing it– the easier it is to take back control so that you can stop letting it ruin your peace of mind and your relationship too.

How would it be to remember your own value, worth and power to make conscious choices no matter what’s going on? Regardless of what your partner (or anyone else) says or does and beyond whatever happened in your past, you CAN decide how you will respond and you can CAN prevent jealousy from taking over.

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Looking for Happiness? Widen Your View Beyond Jealousy

joyHas jealousy been blocking your joy and making your life seem nothing else but miserable?

If so, this beautiful Marianne Williamson quote may bring a scowl instead of a smile to your face. Worse yet, you might feel guilty or weak for letting jealousy take over and ruin the good things that were trying to develop in your relationship (or a potential relationship) but no longer appear to be there.

We’re here to remind you that loving, good and joyful experiences ARE possible for you– and not just in the distant future either!


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How Do You Spell Jealousy Relief?

fizzy waterWe know how painful, overwhelming and all-consuming jealousy can be. Whether it’s paralyzing fear that your love will leave you or suspicions that your partner has been lying to you and making a fool of you with another, the thoughts seem so real.

We’ve each been in that anxious place. We know the way that your peace of mind and ability to enjoy being with your partner can be wrecked with a comment, a look or a confusing situation.

Worse yet, everything you say to and do with your partner is tinged with jealousy. It feels impossible to get away from!

The big deal you make when he doesn’t text you back immediately. The ruined date because she flirts with your server. The cold bed because it’s nearly impossible to be sexually intimate when jealousy is so strong and so destructive.

Through all of the confusion, what’s clear is that it’s PAST time to do something effective about your jealousy. The questions is what?!

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