Have You Ever Felt as Jealous & Confused as THIS?

The line between what’s real and what’s imagined can become confusing, fuzzy and impossible to distinguish. This video by The Killers of their popular song,  “Mr. Brightside,” shows how difficult it can be to tell whether jealousy is causing you to see things that aren’t true OR  if you really should speak up because your partner is flirting, breaking agreements or maybe even having an affair.

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Jealousy Survival Tips When You’re Dating a Player

couple on motorcycleIf you had the chance, would you go out with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Surprisingly, plenty of people would turn down a date with DiCaprio mostly because of his reputation as a player. Many don’t want to set themselves up for jealousy and possible heartbreak.

Leo isn’t the only (male or female) celebrity known for having a string of relationships and dating around a LOT. Peruse the covers of tabloid magazines and you’ll quickly make a long long list. Hollywood seems full of players– people who appear to run through romantic/sexual partners faster than any of us can count.

But seriously…

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How Do You Spell Jealousy Relief?

fizzy waterWe know how painful, overwhelming and all-consuming jealousy can be. Whether it’s paralyzing fear that your love will leave you or suspicions that your partner has been lying to you and making a fool of you with another, the thoughts seem so real.

We’ve each been in that anxious place. We know the way that your peace of mind and ability to enjoy being with your partner can be wrecked with a comment, a look or a confusing situation.

Worse yet, everything you say to and do with your partner is tinged with jealousy. It feels impossible to get away from!

The big deal you make when he doesn’t text you back immediately. The ruined date because she flirts with your server. The cold bed because it’s nearly impossible to be sexually intimate when jealousy is so strong and so destructive.

Through all of the confusion, what’s clear is that it’s PAST time to do something effective about your jealousy. The questions is what?!

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Yikes! Does This SNL Parody of “The Fox” Sound Familiar?

If you haven’t yet watched the spoof of  “The Fox” that aired last weekend on Saturday Night Live, you can check it out below. Set to music and peppered with animal costumes and dance moves, this video shows a couple’s  back-and-forth over a text (and more) and it might be very similar to what regularly happens in your own love relationship or marriage.

Everything is going along fine until your partner gets a suspicious text… You accuse. Your partner denies. You spy. Your partner retreats further away from you. You’re both miserable.

Here’s the clip from SNL and be sure to look for the relationship mistakes that BOTH the man and the woman make. Post in the comments what you find…

Jealousy can come up when a promise or commitment has been broken and also when your partner is doing nothing “wrong,” but what’s happening now brings up fears and bad memories from your past. In ALL cases, jealousy makes you miserable and unable to respond effectively to the current situation or to create the relationship you’ve been craving.

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What Causes Jealousy? Find out the causes of jealousy and what you can do about it

Girl hiding behind a desk

By Susie and Otto Collins

Jealousy can come out in many different ways.

You might feel anxious and worried when your boyfriend doesn’t call when he’s supposed to call. Does this mean that he’s started dating someone else?

Your stomach knots up and you break out in a cold sweat.

You may get protective and even controlling when you and your girlfriend are out together. You can’t stand it when it seems like other men are looking at or talking with her.

Your fists clench and you use your body to “guard” her.

Or, jealousy might show up when you look in the mirror and wonder why your partner is with someone who looks like you (think you) do.

It could be the tone of voice you use when you ask your mate a question. And, it could also be how driven you are to check your partner’s cell phone and e-mail messages just to make sure there’s nothing suspicious going on.

When you have a jealous habit, it can be crippling to both you and your relationship.

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Whose Fault is Jealousy, Anyway?

Couple mad at each other When there is jealousy, there’s usually the belief that it’s one person’s problem or “fault” and if that person would only “get over it,” things would be fine in the relationship.

What we know to be true is that both people are creating this situation so that they can heal, learn and grow parts of themselves that have somehow been hurt in the past.

Have you noticed how you “click” with some people, others really “push your buttons” and still others move in and out of your life without you giving much thought to them?

Those people who you “click” with and also those who “push your buttons” are your teachers and you have attracted them to you to learn and to heal.

Sounds like a radical statement, doesn’t it?

When it comes to jealousy, realizing that this person is in your life to help you to heal and that you each are contributors to the situations that are created are key ingredients to moving jealousy out of your life. [Read more…]